Both alternatives provide a compact steady rest with the high accuracy needed for a better finish of the workpiece.

We had a chat with Niklas Sjöqvist, Machine Salesman and Key Account Manager for mid-Sweden at Duroc Machine tool. We talked about why Atling steady rest often is their first choice of steady rests for the Doosan turning machines.

Niklas, can you start by telling us a little about Duroc Machine Tools?

Duroc Machine Tool is part of the Duroc Group. We are represented in seven countries throughout the Nordics and the Baltic states. We are a dealer for CNC machines mainly from Doosan, a Korean manufacturer, but also machines from the Italian manufacturer FPT.

Who are your target customers?

Manufacturing companies specializing in cutting processes, both contract manufacturer and companies with own products with machining workshop.


What is Duroc Machine Tools connection to Atling Steady Rest?

Duroc Machine Tool sells turning machines that are often equipped with an Atling Steady Rest. The Doosan turning machines that are in stock in Europe come without a steady rest and need to be equipped with this before being sold. For this we always need to find out the customers’ needs for the steady rest function, size, and adapter plate for the turning machine. In this process it is important to have a partner who is easy to work with, understand what needs to be done and has a quick response time. All of this is something we get with Atling. However, Doosan also manufactures turning machines that are ready-to-go with brackets specifically for Atling steady rests.

What would you say are the main benefits with Atling Steady rests? 

Some useful features that come as standard are the wider gripping range, the built-in channels for cooling media.

Also, the Zero Point Clamping Bracket which makes it much easier to setup and remove the steady rests from the turning machine. This  I haven’t found with any other supplier as a standard option. But above all, the main benefit with Atling for me, who have my customers mainly in Sweden, is the Atling team. They have fast response time and are always eager to help and discuss our customers’ needs.


Thank you for the chat Niklas!


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Atling steady rest mounted in a Doosan Puma 800 XLY

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