Both alternatives provide a compact steady rest with the high accuracy needed for a better finish of the workpiece.

What do you do at Atling? 

I am working with sales of Steady rest and concentrate on machine builders mainly in Asia.

For how long have you worked at Atling? 

This is my second time with Atling. I was working with sales from august 2011 to September 2014. This time I have been with Atling Sales for almost 3 years.

What did you do before joining Atling? 

My experience is in sales, purchasing, and planning. But the field I prefer is sales.

What is the single best thing with the Atling Steady Rests?

Our customers.

What is your favorite food: 

Korean food, which should be enjoyed in a small restaurant in Korea. They are specialized in a few dishes so you choose the restaurant depending on what food you want to eat.

What is your favorite music:

I like old rock and roll and music where I can enjoy dancing.

Best movie you ever saw:  

I cannot pinpoint one movie but I like action. Bond movies or others.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

I like traveling a lot, which I do in my work and also with my wife. I also enjoy being in the forest cutting wood, picking berries, and hunting. The most relaxing is fishing – big fish or small fish it doesn’t matter.