Both alternatives provide a compact steady rest with the high accuracy needed for a better finish of the workpiece.

Last year, we had two students Martin Larsson and Hannes Olsson from the University of Gävle, Sweden doing their thesis work with us. The thesis work consisted of constructing a new type of steady rest

Martin and Hannes did extremely well and ended up winning the prestigious award “Wimanska priset”, which is rewarded by The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers for the best college engineering thesis work in Sweden each year.

At Atling, we are very proud of Martin and Hannes and are happy to have been a small part of their award. We are currently in the process of applying for the patent for the new steady rest.

Congratulations Martin and Hannes

You can read more about the thesis work here (unfortunately only in Swedish);

Martin och Hannes får Wimanska priset, i konkurrens med alla Sveriges ingenjörsstudenter – Högskolan i Gävle (

221011 Wimanska priset 2022 (