About us

About Us

Atling was founded by Gunnar Atling in 1947, a very inventive quality manager from Stockholm, who was inspired by an idea of producing and selling riveters. Mr. Atling found the perfect location for his factory in Ockelbo, Sweden. This is still our headquarters from where we engineer and produce all our products. We like it this way as it means that we can keep a close eye on our products every step of the way throughout the design and production process.
Since the start over 70 years ago, a lot has happened. In 1973 we produced our very first steady rest and today, thanks to our global distributors with whom we have close cooperation, our tools, and machine parts play a central role in workshops all over the world.

Thanks to our rich history and global presence, we have collected solid experience and built expertise on how the industry works. Therefore, our standard products are made to suit most needs, but if you need a customized solution that is no problem, we will manage that as well.
Even though a lot has happened and changed since the start in 1947, the foundation of our production has always been, and will always be, accuracy and high-quality standards. And just like our founder Gunnar Atling, we always want to improve our product to stay ahead of our competitors. Thanks to our never-ending curiosity, we continue to develop our business together with our customers.

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