Steady Rest

The steady rest is an essential part of all turning machines. It supports long and thin workpieces to rotate without eccentric movement. The steady rest is also, for example, used for end machining such as internal boring and drilling when the tailstock is removed. 

Why choose Atling Steady Rest?

To us it’s all about the details, the Atling Steady Rest is carefully designed to fit a wide range of industrial sectors and to safely hold and center workpieces when exact precision is required.
Thanks to the technical solution, the Atling steady rest is more compact and has more features included as standard than our competitors, making it possible to clamp through a wider range but without the need for more space. Due to the more compact size, and our better gripping range, one Atling Steady Rest can replace two steady rests from other brands.
The parts of the Atling Steady Rest are manufactured out of high-strength steel. Manufacturing and assembling are made in our own factory in Sweden, making it possible for us to have an overview and control of every step in the production process.

Our benefits

Please see the list below and find out why many companies around the world have chosen to put the Atling Steady Rest in their turning machines.
  • Atling Zero Point Clamping Bracket drastically reduces the setup time in the machine, which cuts the costs of lost productivity - after the initial setup, the steady rest can be removed or re-installed in only a few minutes, with a repeatability of 2.5μ.
  • All features included in standard program thanks to the cost-efficient design
  • Compact size enables a larger clamping range without the need of more space.
  • It fits into any turning machine with the most critical space conditions
  • Gripping range from 4 to 870 millimeters in the standard program
  • Internal cylinder enables more opportunities if the space is limited and a big clamping range is needed.
  • The slim design makes it possible to have a bigger gripping range in a smaller machine.
  • One Atling Steady Rest can replace two steady rests from other brands
  • Modular and customizable design to suit your needs
  • Water coolant channels through the arms are standard, meaning less wear on rollers and better finish of workpiece
  • Sealed body to keep it free from dirt and coolant.
  • Gives perfect support for long shaft turning
  • Possibility to add extra open arm: upper, lower or both, keeping the same size and gripping range
The Atling Steady Rests are used in many different industry sectors such as the automobile, aerospace, rail, energy and general manufacturing industry. Since the needs for each industry vary, our solutions are flexible.